7 reasons why you should learn to code

I think everyone should learn to program these days.

Today it is impossible to imagine life without the computer and we use software programmed by others every day.

I wouldn’t say you have to know how to assemble a computer yourself and how to make the microprocessors.

We are not that far yet. But how a program works and how you can rewrite it as soon as you have a source code for it, everyone should be able to do that today.

There is a great danger that we will all become dependent on companies and programmers who determine our software world.

What would happen if a company like Google shut down the Android platform?

What impact would that have on our world?

We’d just install a different system and basically buy all the apps from scratch: Ouch!

But enough of the scary stories.

There are many more reasons why you should learn to code. I want to show you 7 reasons if you haven’t made up your mind yet.

Reason 1: “It’s super easy”

Thanks to the inventors of modern programming languages! They have managed to translate incomprehensible machine language into languages that humans can understand.

Programming means nothing else than giving instructions or, in other words, writing instruction lists. Here is a quick Python example to show you how simple a command sequence looks:

sum = 2 + 5
print ("The result is:")
print (sum)

The above Example shows you a simple instruction list that is processed line-by-line. First, the sum of 2+ 5 is calculated and stored in the variable “sum”. Then the text “The result is:” is displayed. The sum tag with the result “7” is displayed in the last line. It’s that simple. If you’re planning on learning Python3, click here.

Reason 2: “Implement your own visions and ideas”

Everyone who decides to start programming has it: a vision or an idea that he wants to implement as soon as he has learned to program.

This is the willpower that a person develops in order to achieve this goal.

Reason 3: “make money”

Of course, it’s about money. It’s no longer a secret that you can make money programming.

Whether you are marketing your own program or working as a software developer for an entrepreneur. You can now set your programmed apps in so-called App Markets.

Set a price and you can start making money. Whether your program is the one that gets 1,000,000 downloads depends on many factors.

I don’t want to blind you with numbers here, but anything is possible.

Reason 4: “Become independent of other programs!”

Have you spent hours looking for a program and just couldn’t find it?

Unbelievable, no programmer has taken pity on programming the function you absolutely need, these evil villains! How about writing to yourself?

You don’t always have to write the entire program yourself; you can also develop plugins, i.e. additional modules for programs.

And if a program is no longer developed, you can take over the further development yourself or redesign and program a program according to your wishes.

Reason 5: “Understand the Computer”

Maybe that’s not a real reason, more like a consequence. By learning to program, you automatically learn how a computer works.

“I have 16 GB of RAM”.

But what does 16GB of RAM mean?

And what can the programmer do with it?

Reason 6: “Make a career as a programmer”

I have already mentioned it, but I would like to elaborate on it here.

In addition to earning money with your own apps, there is also the opportunity to climb the career ladder in a company.

It doesn’t matter whether you start as a software developer or have another office job.

The software developer programs applications that other people need. If you have another job, you can speed up your work with your programs.

You like that, you don’t have to work so much and your boss likes it too, but your work is still done.

As far as the software development industry is concerned, I report in my personal blog that I myself earn my main living as an employed software developer.

Reason 7: “You stay fit in your head”

If you are involved in programming and writing programs, you are concerned with solving problems. Each function can be a new challenge.

And each challenge requires a different new mindset. That might sound complicated and intimidating, but I want to reassure you.

There is a suitable solution and program for every problem?

You decide what your solution looks like.

The reasons are there and you certainly have others. But your decision has already been made.

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