Free responsive material design version of facebook.

Facebook Material Design

What is Material Design?

The term “Material Design” corresponds to a set of design rules proposed by Google. It was first a design for mobile applications (mobile first) but today it became one of the big trends in interface design. Google’s approach is reminiscent of Flat Design: minimalism, geometric and colorful shapes, no frills. But in this case, it is a flat design … with thickness and relief. Here are the main features:

  • A metaphor for paper and ink from digital material.
  • A bold and graphic design.
  • Creating movements to improve affordance and UX. User actions lead to significant micro-interactions.

Facebook Material Design

After learning about material design. We will start to think what if one of the websites we know was design with the rules of Material Design. This is why I decided to try to redesign the login page of the most popular known social network “Facebook” with those rules.

Why the Login page

The login page is critical for any website and application, particularly for social networks. An imaginative and alluring login page will rapidly catch the visitor eyes, direct a high volume of guests to your site, and increment users base. Most login pages incorporate things, for example, user email, secret phrase, and sometimes a username.

You can download the source code for free.

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